Oi Meninas!!! Hoje eu touxe mais um video, dessa vez venho falar um pouco de como eu preparo minha pele para gravar videos, esse tipo de preparação de pele é indicado para sair bem na foto ou até mesmo em videos, I hope you enjoy it too!!!



19 de abril de 2015

Oi Meninas!!! Hoje vim falar de um produtinha bem legal que o Primer Baby skin da marca Maybelline.


Ele é um Primer que minimiza os poros sem obstruí-los deixando livre para que a pele respire ( isso foi que me chamou a atenção ), ele tambem da uma uniformizada na pele e pode ser usado sozinho ou até mesmo antes da maquiagem.

Ele tem uma consistencia parecendo com um silicone, quando eu apliquei ele a primeira vez achei que era um creme oleoso, mas conforme vc vai espalhando vai sumindo essa oleosisade deixando o feito matt na pele.


Eu paguei nele 8 euros e um pouquinho bem baratinho e achei sim um bom primer, está valendo a pena.

So I'll stop here, espero que gostem um super beijo e até mais.

Hi Genteeeeeee!

The Post today is about a produtinho I think many of you already know and others never heard!! it is, I only came to know after many videos on youtube American girls and Brazilian doing makeup finish with him!



It is a translucent powder with a yellowish tone and Levinho and that of a perfect finish to skin.


Ben Nye Luxury Powder has in Quato shades, Banana Powder but is the only one that combines perfeitamentes in various skin tones, even in queimadinhas skins like mine. He is so thin that Levinho and not brand the face lines, is indicated after passing the base and concealer, and serves even for oily skin, make them feel sequinhas with matte effect. for some little time I'm using and it and me being my darling and favorite of the moment.

I apply it with a sponge in the area T and the last bit that is on the sponge apply on the face of the rest, is amazing!!And if you want to leave the skin with more natural, can only apply it with a brush.

Then I will stop here and I hope you enjoyed! Kisses and more!

20 February 2015

Hi Genteeeeeeeeeee!!!

The post today is about a paletinha neutral shadows super beautiful Urbandecay of the Naked 2 I'm loving, is no longer news to many of you, but has little time I bought mine and make it resolvir review!. It comes in a super soft type packing a can with the name embossed and along with it a amostrinha of primes of Urbandercay and a double brush that is applying and blending the shadow.





The colors are sparkling and majorities 4 opaque colors. She is a palette to use during the day and night, all shadows are very soft and easy grip, I confess to you that missed a tone darker opaque morrom it to mark the concave for more queimadinha skin like mine!



FOXY is the first Shadow Palette, it is an opaque illuminator used to illuminate under the eyebrow and the internal corner of the eye.

The HALF BAKED is a beautiful golden brown shadow and I have used a lot of so much like her.

Already BOOKTY CALL is another shimmering illuminating shade.

The CHOPPER is a golden on the darker.

The Tease is an opaque morron serving to mark the concave!! Must emphasize that to my by this tone was not used to this end, why I said it lacked a darker morron for darker skin.

The SNAKEBITE is a copper shade.

The Suspect is a beautiful shade pulled the champagne

PISTOL is a silver color back to the graphite.

VERVE she is a half step that light gray, a great shadow to make combinations. Looking it gives an impression that it is pearl, but when applied to the skin it changes to gray. rsrsrsrsrsrs

Foi YDK is difficult to define the!!! It appears to be a light pink! And with enough brightness, super linda.

BUSTED is a very dark morron glow.

And the last shade is this essential nightshade BLACKOUT that every woman loves to wear, is a makeup with black fundinho or even eye and marked with a black smoky!

I hope you enjoyed it too!! a super kiss and until next post!! Beijão

Hi genteeeeee!

Today I come to talk about the care of facial skin with produtinhos system 3 steps from Clinique, People this system is basically the same as the other cleaning produtinhos, only this here you get to actually see the results in short time of use, course it's no miracle we're!


First step – Use morning before makeup and night after removing makeup, with liquid soap wash my face with the help of an appropriate brush for the face and the night after that retreat with all the makeup wipes moistened wash 2 times with liquid soap and then dry the levemento face with a clean towel.


Step – After the soap while the tonic with the help of a cotton disquinho that will help to minimize facial pores and remove the makeup last bit that is still grudadinhas on my face.


Step -It facial moisturizer, in fact it has 2 options is the hidratande and facial gel that will leave the skin further sequinha, in my case I am using the gel, but I still want to test the moisturizer.


Ah people!!!! is of utmost importance to take the test before buying the produtinhos, just so you will know what type of product for your skin type.

I'm loving this hard stop trio rsrsrsrssr, became a fan card-carrying.

Then I will stop here and I hope you have enjoyed very, kisses and until next post.


Hello my loves!! As the Christmas you? A lot of rush for the new year?

Good girls today have come to show you that I am one produtinho amaaaaaaaando! O serum da John Frieda!!! girls discovered this produtinho in my going into a drugstore (DM) here the city, I was actually looking for a cuticle, because mine had finished and found this wonderful Serum! It is a moisturizing serum that acts as thermal protector, Released for those who use short board protecting the high temperatures hair, eliminating frizz in a surprising way, also highlights the curls of our crespinhos. The serum makes the hair more oily on the tips, leaving a twinkle in bunches and the appearance that they are well hydrated.



It is indicated for hair with frizz, dry, frizzy or chemically treated. It is recommended to use a small amount in your hair and apply evenly on the wires avoiding direct contact with the root. Do not rinse!!!! But I run this reality rsrsrsrsrsr I need always a little longer than recommended, because my hair is mega, ultra resected and with the help of this intense cold of Germany, does not have hair that does not dry out rsrsrsrsrsrs.



It has a very pleasant smell and his texture is well grossinha, I just loved it. I paid it very cheap 9 euros. Did a little research on the internet about the price in Brazil which by the way I thought and snacks, it costs around 80,00 real in a vial 50 ml.

Good girls will stop here and wish you all a wonderful turn of year, your goals and dreams are realized in 2015!! Great faith and perseverance!! beijão


16 November 2014

Hello girls!!

You already know the depilatory spring? That's it, This spring is used in removal of fluff, chin, forehead and ear close, but be very careful when passing by the area between the forehead sonbrancelhas not to remove them unwittingly and then the damage will be formed. The damned extracts from the root by making them take longer to grow, I have something to say: doi pra ela CA-RAM kkkkkkkk, at least I feel a terrible pain, but I must confess earned super worth, considering I do not have so many in the face, thank God rsrsrsrssr. I bought over the internet on the Ebay site, arrived quickly and was very cheap.


The exciting thing about it does not irritate the skin and Tecna is super easy and you do the same at home. Before you start using it you need is to clean skin.

Place the spring in the face and then moves back and forth, while rolling down her cheeks she will pulling out all the hairs even those hard to reach.



And after you're done tweezing stretch the spring that are not caught by the inside, as shown in the picture below.



So girls will face this? If you liked the post share!!!!! Big kiss and even more.