Oi meu amores cá estou eu com mais um video, mas dessa vez vim mostrar como cuido dos meus crespinhhos. Como algumas de vocês já sabem eu lavo meu cabelo 1 vez por semana e nos outros dias vou mantendo ele com um pouco de reparador de pontas ou até mesmo com umidificante até a próxima lavagem. Como meu cabelo é extremamente seco eu tenho usado uma técnica bem simples na hora da lavagem que tem me ajudado muito neste aspecto e resolvir compartilhar com vocês, vamos ver???

I hope you enjoyed, kisses and until next post!!.

Oi gente linda!!!



Hoje venho falar da nutrição Hair Mayonnaise para cabelos danificados! That's it, é um tratamento intensivo que hidrata e fortalece profundmente os nossos crespinhos danificados e contribui para reduzir a quebra, devolver o brilho e melhorar a elasticidade dos fios. Este produtinho é um dos queridinhos da americanas.


Ela possui uma mistura de óleo de oliva, óleo de germe de trigo e proteína do ovo. Além dela ter uma textura bem concentrada, ela tambem tem um cheiro enjoativo, mas não muito forte!!!! Mas com todos esses benefícios, o cheiro é o de menos rsrsrsrsrsrssr.


O modo de aplicação não é diferente dos outros não!!! Com os cabelos lavados, aplique uma quantidade suficiente e enluve bastante e então deixe agir por 15 minutinhos, se preferir use uma touca plástica ou de alumínio. Depois é só enxaguar bastante para retitrar todo o produto e finalize como de costume!!!

Meninas vou ficando por aqui, espero muito que tenham gostado do post!!!!! Beijocas e até mais ver!!!

Hello my loves!!!!


My darling of today is a wonderful produtinho for our hairs, the mask Wunderkur (miraculous treatment or miraculous ) John Frieda and that is how her name, it lives up to its name, she is a white mask with a molinha consistency like a conditioner that leaves a wonderful and yummy scent in her hair, but to leave them soft, silky, hydrated, strong and without frizz, I already knew, and had already tested once when I was in the capillary transition just not got the same result as now, think of a wonderful surprise!!!! was the one I had with her when resolvir test it again!



It is indicated for dry hair, brittle, with frizz , hair beaten by the negative effects dryers and flat irons, ie hair and danificadinhos.

And he has in his makeup avocado oil , vitamin E and milk proteins.

It is a mask for use in the bath leaving only 3-5 minutinhos.


I used a shampoo and conditioner another line, I gave a slight dried with a towel and applied the mask, you can feel from the application of the beginning and soft hair. I left acting for 5 minutes and removed all produtinho and then finalized with the serum and my comb cream I ever use, and the effect not changed in whit.

Produtinho super approved and I super indicate, it cost me very cheap only 6 euros, already in Brazil it costs to make the 50 and 55 Real.

Well folks for today only!! thousand kisses and even more.


Hello my loves!! As the Christmas you? A lot of rush for the new year?

Good girls today have come to show you that I am one produtinho amaaaaaaaando! O serum da John Frieda!!! girls discovered this produtinho in my going into a drugstore (DM) here the city, I was actually looking for a cuticle, because mine had finished and found this wonderful Serum! It is a moisturizing serum that acts as thermal protector, Released for those who use short board protecting the high temperatures hair, eliminating frizz in a surprising way, also highlights the curls of our crespinhos. The serum makes the hair more oily on the tips, leaving a twinkle in bunches and the appearance that they are well hydrated.



It is indicated for hair with frizz, dry, frizzy or chemically treated. It is recommended to use a small amount in your hair and apply evenly on the wires avoiding direct contact with the root. Do not rinse!!!! But I run this reality rsrsrsrsrsr I need always a little longer than recommended, because my hair is mega, ultra resected and with the help of this intense cold of Germany, does not have hair that does not dry out rsrsrsrsrsrs.



It has a very pleasant smell and his texture is well grossinha, I just loved it. I paid it very cheap 9 euros. Did a little research on the internet about the price in Brazil which by the way I thought and snacks, it costs around 80,00 real in a vial 50 ml.

Good girls will stop here and wish you all a wonderful turn of year, your goals and dreams are realized in 2015!! Great faith and perseverance!! beijão


Hi my loves , tago for you today a homemade recipe for dry and porous hair! Damping is suitable for all types of hair, whether natural or even chemically treated. You're wondering what's Wetting. is simply the fact nourish your strands with vegetable oils 100% natural. There are several other oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, argan etc., but today I came to talk about the coconut. This wetting've done every 15 days and has worked very!! A cheap recipe and that everyone has at home.


In colder countries you find the oil with a denser texture, and in warmer regions it is liquid, the important thing is that it is 100% natural, how to know if he is a natural oil ? u can verify by reading the label.


The oil serves to nourish the hair removing dryness and honey improve porosity leaving them silky. I mix with the two produtinhos and even with dirty hair, divide them into 4 parts starting the application on the bottom strand by strand from root to tip to engage the entire hair, do not be alarmed if you feel your hair gooey middle, means no!!!! LOL this is soooo sticky because of the honey, in a row I put a cap of aluminum and leave act 30 minutes, This last time I wash my hair normally with shampoo and conditioner and then apply a mask on them. And the result is wonderful.

And then we found?? Do not forget to comment. Rose Kisses and until next post.




Hello my people!! how are you? Everything's fine with me! Good girls today Monday and nothing better to start the week with hair care. Today I came to show you this little group that is making a big difference in my crespinhos.



I'll start talking about the first and second step which is the duo of shampoo and conditioner water from 4 elements, He promises to leave hair soft and hydrated and is indicated for dry hair. Of course with this duo alone does miracles, but accompanied by hydration (already show below and you will understand). In the first week I started using them already feel a big difference in my wires.


This duo of shampoo and conditioner also the Fire 4 elements it contains sunscreen is recommended for chemically treated hair, keeping the color and giving protection to hair. I have used a lot of them, the smell is very mild and pleasant.


Already this trio composed of restoration shampoo, conditioner and mask which by the way I love when I started using one gave life to my crespinhos, he is 5 with 1 restoration, repair, protection, prevention and nutrition, really what he promises he fulfills. As my hair is super parched I only wash once a week and wash each have to always wear a mask and alternate with other products and midweek I withdraw all cream and then apply again, each week and use a shampoo and conditioner for power is different compare results.


This produtinho tb treatment that is part of the third step and that is how he classifies Zica is composed of babassu oil and essential amino acids, He promises to give strength, shine and hydration. People who know me know that amoo passion protudos the natural beauty, the right to notice??? every produtinho'll have to use a surprising result, for those who have curly hair, african curly or even knows how difficult it is to leave them always hydrated, because I found everything I needed them and that's why I fell for them and super nominate, worth a try.


And now the 4th and final step which is lightweight styling cream, This is my darling cuz let my hair down and with enough volume that I adoooooooro, anyone who knows me knows that I love lion's mane of hair rsrsrsrsrsrs, This cream is composed of gardenia oil and vitamin E, He promises to leave hair set, light, loose and hydrated. you need to check!!!



Already this styling cream promises to leave hair with shine, softness, defined curls and silky. Yes he lives up to its name SHINE INTENSE it leaves my hair with shine, but not silky. For this reason I always have to mix with the other comb cream !!


And last is the comb cream Traditional, to me is the least use , That does not mean I do not like him, but it leaves my hair with volume control which is not my case, like them uncontrolled rsrsrsrsrsrsrs, I think as more beautiful curly hair gets messier. I think the downside of these 3 creams I just showed you is the smell, me could have a stronger smell like creams Silk brand, I say we're only smell!!!!!


Good girls gang that I use to take care of my hair, have you ever used any product of Beauty?, I'd love to know about you on the experience of!! leave here in the comments!! kisses