John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum 6 Effects!!!!

31 December 2014


Hello my loves!! As the Christmas you? A lot of rush for the new year?

Good girls today have come to show you that I am one produtinho amaaaaaaaando! O serum da John Frieda!!! girls discovered this produtinho in my going into a drugstore (DM) here the city, I was actually looking for a cuticle, because mine had finished and found this wonderful Serum! It is a moisturizing serum that acts as thermal protector, Released for those who use short board protecting the high temperatures hair, eliminating frizz in a surprising way, also highlights the curls of our crespinhos. The serum makes the hair more oily on the tips, leaving a twinkle in bunches and the appearance that they are well hydrated.



It is indicated for hair with frizz, dry, frizzy or chemically treated. It is recommended to use a small amount in your hair and apply evenly on the wires avoiding direct contact with the root. Do not rinse!!!! But I run this reality rsrsrsrsrsr I need always a little longer than recommended, because my hair is mega, ultra resected and with the help of this intense cold of Germany, does not have hair that does not dry out rsrsrsrsrsrs.



It has a very pleasant smell and his texture is well grossinha, I just loved it. I paid it very cheap 9 euros. Did a little research on the internet about the price in Brazil which by the way I thought and snacks, it costs around 80,00 real in a vial 50 ml.

Good girls will stop here and wish you all a wonderful turn of year, your goals and dreams are realized in 2015!! Great faith and perseverance!! beijão


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